PTG Tyre Inflation Systems

Advantages of ZEN@TERRA

  • Storage of the optimum tyre inflation pressures for 30 different
    combinations of tractor, trailers and implements
  • Selection of the optimum tyre pressure with few clicks
  • With Zen@Terra even inexperienced drivers can set the right tyre inflation pressure
  • Visible and audible warning if the tyre pressure is too low for the current speed
  • Boost Function: temporary usage of pressures below the minimum e.g. to get you out of wet conditions

ZEN@TERRA: Comfortable operating surface for
PTG Tire Inflation Systems from Michelin


Unlike with PTG Systems, up to 30 different tyre inflation pressures can be stored for field- and road operations. No matter which implement oder trailer is used, the driver is able to choose the optimum tyre inflation pressure with just a few clicks on the tractors terminal.

The variety of the different optimum pressures is determined before through the app „Agro-Pressure“. Therefore the user puts in the machine- and tyre datas in the app, ideally also the real machine weights measured with a scale.

After that the calculated pressures are validated by Michelin and get uploaded easily through Bluetooth on the Zen@Terra Control unit. The user does not have to fear damaged tyres through the usage of a wrong tyre pressure anymore!


Technical requirements:

Isobus ready tractor terminal, Isobus controlled PTG Dual-line Tire Inflation System


ZEN@TERRA is available for the following Michelin tyres with Ultra-Flex-Technology:





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