Tire pressure control systems

The advantages of an adjusted tire pressure

The advantages of an adjusted tyre pressure

  • Reduced fuel consumption of the tractor in the field and on the road
    the road (10 % – 15 %)
  • Example: 5 cm track depth corresponds to a continuous uphill ride
    of 5 % gradient!
  • Reduction of rolling resistance in the field and on the road
  • High driving stability on the road, even when driving fast
  • Reduction in track depth due to significant increase in tire contact area
  • Strong increase in tractive force due to better interlocking of the tire lugs with the ground
  • No/less harmful soil compaction
  • Increase in plant yields
  • High self-cleaning of the tread due to the walking tire
  • Less tire damage/lower tire wear

This applies not only to agricultural tractors, but of course also to trailers and towed equipment. By reducing the bulldozing effect on the trailer, the tractive power required by the tractor is also significantly reduced and the trailer is easier to “pull”.

In addition, tire pressure control systems are a real competitive advantage for contractors. Not only are his customers increasingly demanding the lowest possible tire pressure on their fields; the seasonal periods can also be extended, as it is often possible to drive on the fields with reduced tire pressure even in difficult soil conditions.

"About us - PTG tire pressure control systems from the professional for the professional"

PTG has been developing and producing systems for rapid tire pressure adjustment for agricultural vehicles for over 30 years. We are one of the global market leaders in this segment and export our products worldwide. The core markets are Western Europe and North America. PTG has been part of the Michelin Group since 2018.

Our services for vehicle manufacturers:
  • Various tire pressure control systems in 1- and 2-wire technology
  • Wide range of air supply systems (piston, screw and multi-cell compressors)
  • Development of manufacturer-specific special solutions
  • Technical documentation
  • 3D data of all PTG components available for installation space analyses
  • Assembly training
  • Technical support and high availability of spare parts
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Our systems and spare parts are sold exclusively through specialist dealers. However, we are available by telephone for technical questions or advice.


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